Weddings 2017 /18 / 19   Terms and Conditions for All Clients                 V2.04

1.Business & Office Opening hours – for existing clients

Closed Monday

9 – 5pm Tuesday to Friday

Closed Saturday & Sunday

2 Visiting

2.0 To speak with Peter in person, clients should book an appointment by phone on 07548 514341 or via email.

2.1 Peter Redhead Photography operates a strict visiting by appointment only policy.

3 Correspondence

3.0 All emails & phone calls will be answered or returned promptly during business hours. In most cases enquiries will be answered within a 24 hr period. Emails received over the weekend will be replied to asap during business hours.

3.1 Clients should ensure they update Peter with any changes to their home & email addresses and contact telephone numbers.

4 Pre-wedding photo shoots

4.0 Pre-Wedding shoots will only be held on week days, they will coincide with the pre-wedding meeting and the pre-wedding shoot itself will take place on location.

4.1 The photographs taken during the pre-wedding shoot are not included. A minimum fee of £50 is applicable to purchase jpeg versions of the photos.

5 Consultation meetings

5.0 Consultation 1 – Typically takes place in clients home and is the first meeting held. All aspects of the wedding day are discussed, a detailed quotation will be provided following the meeting.

5.1 Consultation 2 – Typically held in Deeping St Nicholas or as part of Pre-wedding shoot – Duration 30mins. Clients are required to complete and email the ‘wedding photography plan’ prior to this meeting. The meeting will be re-scheduled if the information is not provided three working days in advance. During the meeting all timings, formal photographs, and an overview of the photographic coverage will be confirmed as well as any special arrangements.

6 Booking

6.0 A deposit of £295.00 is payable at the time of booking. This deposit is not refundable.

6.1 A booking confirmation form will be sent to clients once a wedding package has been verbally agreed. A booking is not secure until this form has been signed and returned with the deposit.

7 Final balances

7.0 The final balance should be paid 2 months prior to the wedding date to allow funds to have cleared well in advance of your wedding day.

7.1 Bacs & Cash are the only payment methods accepted

7.2 Payment on the day is not accepted.

8 Cancellation or Change of Date

8.0 In the event of a change of date, clients agree to inform Peter Redhead Photography at the earliest opportunity.

8.1 All attempts will be made to carry forward the agreement and balances to the newly revised date.

8.2 In the event of the need to cancel. The client is liable for and agrees to pay the full balance indicated on the confirmation of booking or any subsequently issued invoice.

8.3 Exception to full balance liability may be considered where the wedding date is in excess of 365 days from the cancellation date. Full details must be submitted in writing.

8.4 Where the notice period to cancel is less than 365 days payment of the full and final balance is to be made at the same time as the written notice of cancellation.

8.5 Cancellation / change of date procedure: Written notification, including reason for change of date or cancellation. Phone call is also required to finalise the details of payment and/ or exemption.

8.6 Should the event arise the small claims court will oversee re-imbursement of the full balance plus costs.

9 On your wedding day

9.0 Peter will arrive in good time on the day.

9.1 Peter will take a break for refreshment and to back up camera cards typically during the wedding breakfast or a suitable time when he is not required to photograph.

9.2 On the day, Peter will not share images with clients unless there is a particular reason. Clients will have the opportunity to view images when they are fully processed.

9.3 In the event of bad weather, clients should organise a contingency plan in consultation with Peter. Peter is able to bring studio lighting equipment for indoor shots.

9.4 If the wedding overruns and Peter is required to stay later, a minimum charge of £85.00 per hour or part thereof will be applicable. This should be paid in full at the earliest opportunity. Failure to do so will result in a delay in images being placed online.

9.5 Peter will always require free and easy access to water. During summer months and /or remote locations such as country houses/hotels and marquees the client agrees to include and make provision for food and water (this need not be the wedding breakfast)

10 Online web gallery

10.0 All packages include a private web gallery for friends and family to view and purchase images. Images will be post processed and placed in an online gallery typically 3-4 week’s after your wedding date. The client will receive notification to view photos first, a password is in place for 2-3 days after which the gallery is released publicly. Gallery may be longer during peak periods.

10.1 During the reception, guests and family may choose to receive notification emails for when and where to view the guest gallery. An ipad is passed around for guests to enter their details.

10.2 Typically a 20% discount for print and downloads will be available for one month from the date they go online. After this date they will return to full price.

10.3 The Photo Plan – ‘Client – Any Further Information’ where significant people or important items etc have been listed. Both must also be clearly identified to me on the wedding day itself. I accept no responsibility in the case that a person or persons has not been identified to me in good time on the wedding day e.g. the morning, church / ceremony arrival etc.

11 Albums and USB

11.0 When included your album includes;  30 page sides and approx. 70-75 photos – Additional photos may be added to your wedding album simply by adding further pages. See prices in your quotation.

11.1a All images are to be selected using the online proof gallery. Additional photos are selected by Peter to supplement the client selection this approx +20-25% on top of the clients image selection.

11.1b The design and proof process of the album layout etc  is then based online allowing a seamless interaction.

11.1c 2 levels of design are offered for your wedding album; ’Standard’ and ‘Upgraded’.  Standard : I’ll use a mix of large and small photos, plus one or two stand alone photos. On average 5 photos are used per double spread. –  Upgraded : Has less photos per spread, average 3.5. Therefore allowing more larger and stand alone photos plus more prints across the spine. Typically 40-50 pages are used when selecting the upgraded design. No soft copy or electronic copy of the album will be available for reprinting or other purposes.

11.1d Clients agree to return their final image selection by the date agreed, failure to do so will result in a delay receiving the completed final album.

11.1e Where there are a small number of images that clients strongly do not wish for their album to contain this should be indicated to Peter prior to designing.

11.1f In the event of significant delay (2 weeks+), repeated requests for image selection and/or delay receiving album upgrade payment, a minimum administration charge of £75.00 will payable prior to album collection.

11.2 After the design phase, Peter will contact clients to discuss, preview and finalise wedding album layouts, choice of cover and final page number. Clients may request design or image changes before their album is sent to be printed.

11.3 Finished wedding albums will normally be ready for approx. 4-6 weeks after the design phase depending on the album specification. Please note during peak periods such as Summer and Xmas this timeframe may extend

11.4 Collection of albums – Due to the high value of wedding albums, both in terms of time and cost, albums should be collected from peter. Clients may request postage at their own risk, this will incur additional costs approx £30.00. Clients requesting their album to be posted should discuss this with peter at the time of ordering.

Images on USB

11.5 Where images are purchased on USB it will be delivered either;

1 a) at the same time as the main wedding album, in some cases it may be released earlier.

2 b) approximately 8 weeks following the date of the wedding where no album has been purchased.

11.6 Images supplied will be chosen by Peter Redhead Photography and only those which are deemed to be a high quality and technically correct will be released.

11.7 Peter will provide processed images in a mixture of black and white and colour. Many images will be taken with black and white as the intended final medium. Colour versions of all images will not be included.

11.8 Clients may request and Peter Redhead Photography will always try to re-processed a small number of images in colour.

12 Add-ons

12.0 Additional prints, framed prints or canvases will be charged in addition to the package fee unless otherwise stated.

12.1 Additional prints will normally be dispatched within 14-21 working days.

12.2 Clients buying additional prints on line with Paypal should use the ‘add to cart’ button. PayPal provides completely secure, instant on-line purchasing with Amex, Visa, Mastercard or Switch.

13 Peak periods

13.0 Peak period refers to weddings during the summer months of April, May, June, July, August and September.

14 Copyright

14.0 All photographs remain the property and copyright of Peter Redhead Photography at all times. Where images are purchased electronically clients may only reproduce images for personal use. It is illegal for images to be sold, reproduced or used for advertising or purposes of financial gain without prior consent.

14.1 Clients who do not purchase images electronically may not copy or reproduce any images without first seeking permission from Peter Redhead Photography.

14.2 All photographs remain the property of Peter Redhead Photography. Clients may not reproduce these images without purchasing the rights for personal reproduction.

14.3 Clients give their consent to photographs of their wedding being used on Peter Redhead Photography website and/or in the public domain, for example, a selection of weddings will display an online slideshow and on Peter Redhead Photography Facebook page.

14.4 Third party suppliers and vendors e.g. flowers, hairdresser etc should contact Peter Redhead Photography if they wish to use any copyrighted photographs from the wedding collection.

15 Anti social conduct

15.0 Under no circumstances will any person acting for, or on behalf of Peter Redhead Photography tolerate aggressive, disrespectful or threatening behaviour.

15.1 Peter Redhead Photography reserves the right to permanently withdraw from any dealings or contractual arrangements if subjected to anti-social behaviour. In such an event confirmation will be given in writing to the provided email address.

15.2 Peter Redhead Photography reserves the right to stop and withdraw photographing during a wedding. He will withdraw if subjected to anti-social behaviour, where risk to the safety of equipment or himself exists.

16 Privacy

16.0 When booking Peter Redhead Photography we will ask for certain information. Peter Redhead Photography is committed to ensuring your privacy is protected. Client’s information will not be shared at any time with a third party.

16.1 Information requested is:

*Full names of both the bride and groom

*Contact information including email address, home address and telephone numbers

16.2, In the run up to and after your wedding, Peter Redhead Photography may periodically send promotional emails about special offers or other information which you may find interesting using the email address which you have provided. There is an option to unsubscribe from these mailings on the email should you wish to do so.

17 Other

17.0 Peter Redhead Photography is a sole trader. Should you be dissatisfied with the level of service provided at any time, please contact peter who will endeavour to resolve your concern.

17.1 Photography is an art form and open to personal preference and interpretation. It is the client’s personal responsibility when booking to ensure that they are familiar with and like Peter Redhead Photography’s style of photography.

18 Updates

18.1 Peter Redhead Photography reserves the right to update terms and conditions at any time. Changes will be communicated online

18.2 All changes and updates to the published terms will affect and supersede the signed contract. Terms may change during the process of dealings with the client, as such it is the clients responsibility to make themselves familiar with or ask for clarity about any revisions.

19 Storage

19.0 A copy of images will be stored electronically for a minimum of 12 months after the wedding. Unless requested some images may not be available past this time.

Last updated March 2017