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About Pete

Photography has been a life long passion, wedding photography has presented a full time vocation with an ever challenging opportunity to be creative, tell amazing stories and work closely with people. More than anything I find constant intrigue, wonder and interest by photographing people and  thats what I see and do during a wedding.

  Real, natural photographs of people, emotions and moments. If you stop and look, not just glance but really look its possible to train ourselves to see magical things which last but a fraction of a second. The photograph just records what was once there, the briefest of moments. But a great photograph combines all of these aspects at the time when everything comes together just the right way.

  I live near Market Deeping, Lincs with my wife and our wonderful little boy. Making photographs memorable and interesting or even  mysterious is a lifelong challenge I accept and pursue relentlessly.  I believe that my photographs represent real life in its true form and that wedding photos can and should be about the real events and people who where there.

   Through passion and drive to create photos which capture the essence and atmosphere of every wedding I hope to pass on many years of happiness. Honest, real wedding photos will communicate much more than  staged or faked ones. They will live on and reveal to future generations what really took place one special day, many years ago when 2 wonderful people decided they wanted to spend the rest of their lives together.




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I understand that choosing your wedding photographer and most other suppliers for that matter is a very personal process. I'd like to help, so if you like natural wedding photos and want a great relaxed wedding day to spend with family then lets chat and see if we might work well together.

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My short film

Shot back in 2013 this short film outlines my reasons and approach to working with couples and photographing a wedding


About Peter